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Dog Gear

Classic Pubbies Jacket

From $9.95
481 in stock!.

Cuddle Buddle Sweater

From $12.95
22 in stock!.

Cubs and Pubs Glow In The Dark Dog Collar

Sale Price :$12.99
20 in stock!.

Cozzy Cuddly Hamburger Bed

From $27.95
999 in stock!.

Poka Doggie Hoodie

From $38.95
15 in stock!.

Snuggy Doggy Bed Warmer

From $23.95
226 in stock!.

Dog's Best Soft Velvet Rhinestone Collar

Our Price:$29.99
Sale Price : $14.99
You save: $15.00
65 in stock!.

Comfort Pet Carrier Sling

From $24.95
97 in stock!.

Doggy Water Drinking Bottle

Sale Price :$12.95
961 in stock!.

Camo Doggie Pet Set

From $25.95
(out of stock)

Halloween costume set for pets

From $19.95
20 in stock!.

The Funky Doggie Halloween Costume

From $20.95
36 in stock!.

Plaiddie Doggie Hoodie Jackets

From $21.95
9929 in stock!.

Pubs Plaid Waterproof Reversible Dog Jacket

Our Price:$24.99
Sale Price : $19.50
You save: $5.49
10 in stock!.

Pubs Retractable Pet Leash

Sale Price :$21.95
9990 in stock!.

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